Friday, October 15, 2010

Connecting: 10/10/10

How do you combine a kid who wants to put on a show and a mom who wants to constantly harp on saving the earth? Put on a show as a 10/10 Global Work Day event! It's so hard to help the kids feel empowered to make a real difference, but seeing their picture in the slideshow on was a big thrill. I think it's one of the few times I've felt as if all this internet "connectivity" made us feel really connected to something real and important. Plus, it was a bonafide success, in that my neighbor came, and said that he didn't know what the significance of the 350 movement was, but now he could tell his friends. Each one teach one, even if it means you give a party and have to endure the torture of freaking out that too many people will come and you won't have enough food, and then the last minute panic that no one at all will come and you will be forever marked in the eyes of your children as a failure and a social outcast...

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