Saturday, December 17, 2011

Whoa, Nellie!

The holidays are rushing forward on a constantly accelerating intake of sugar.  My feeble attempt to counter the trend by baking cheese straws from a healthy-food-for-kids cookbook was derailed by the fact that the cheese straws, though whole grain and healthy, aren’t in the least cheesy, despite my having added more cheese than the recipe called for.  So the kids continue to chip away at the shingles of their organic gingerbread houses decked with non-organic, artificially dyed M&Ms.  And start each day with a dose of chocolate from the chocolate advent calendars (surreptitious grandparental attempt to convey the idea of advent to my non-churchgoing brood).

Yikes.  Just days away from our annual cookie party, I’m trying to figure out how to prevent a complete crash-and-burn scenario.  Spurred on my the success of my “No”vember campaign, I look to the month for inspiration, but all I’m seeing in the “Dec” of December is “decathalon.”  I gotta slow down.  Take a breath. 

And when I do that, I see it.  The “duh” of the D month.  December.  Decelerate. 

So today, maybe the kids will keep sneaking sugar, but I can drive slower.  Literally.  Just get everywhere a little later.  And while I’m at it, save gas.  Do a little thing for the earth and for our family at the same time.  Feel more relaxed.  Happy, slower, holidays.  

 (And if you live around here, see you at the cookie party!)

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