Friday, January 27, 2012

Never back down. But maybe retreat?

The FSC-certified hand-built bathhouse out in the woods is almost complete, which means that my eco-studio can almost (always few tiny details undone) be rented out as a writing retreat.  No phone, no internet, nothing but peace and quiet and a radiant-heat floor under the redwoods.

I’ve thought about offering it as an activist retreat as well, maybe for cheap or free to earth activists who need some time to rejuvenate.  But seriously, have you ever heard of an activist going offline for a few days?  Could Bill McKibben survive without his internet line to the rest of us footsoldiers of the environment, waiting to hear our next marching orders? (Bill, you are welcome any time.)

Hm, I wonder.  So if anyone knows a full-time environmental activist who could use a break, send them my way.  Occupy the woods.

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